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Native is a boutique marketing and advertising agency based in Los Angeles, CA. We work with small to mid-size businesses to help develop a clear brand identity through beautiful design and smart technologies.



What's the difference of design and production?


The root of every project is the core idea. Every idea will need to have both form and function. The form is the design, or how your idea will look including all text and images included. When the design is all agreed upon, we move into production where we bring ideas to life through programming and animation.

We currently seeking request for proposal projects and retainer clients for mid-size businesses.



Native Interactive was born in 2008 by Garman Yip, a creative director and digital marketing specialist. With over 10 years of experience working on clients such as Apple, Playstation, Nissan, and Disney, he brings the ability to oversee any size project and a broad range of skills to each and every client.



We provide marketing and advertising services, with a special blend of digital design, technology, and brand loyalty. We only work with a small number of mid-size brands to focus on the quality and growth of each business.

1. Mobile

Don't miss the opportunity to help consumers find your business on the go, right from their pockets.

2. Web

An online presence has become and essential face for any business. 90% of today's consumers start their research online. Carve your space.

3. Social Media

Building up your social networks on Facebook, Yelp, and blogs helps get the conversations going. Word-of-mouth recommendations should be apart of every marketing plan.

Left Brain : Design
Design isn't just about looking pretty, it's about communicating the right message and speaking to your audience. It also needs to be easy to use, and looking pretty doesn't hurt either.
Right Brain : Production
What is form without functionality? The danger of designing without considering the functionality is ending up with a perfect picture that doesn't work.



Native is located in Los Angeles, California.

You Speak, We Listen


Please contact us with any inquires on future projects. Also available on a freelance basis.